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Cross Platform Mobile Development

  Methods and concepts that are implemented to¬†write a single codebase for apps that will eventually be used on different OS is what Cross Platform refers to. As per Mobile Development is concerned the two giant OS Android and iOS are way different for each other structurally, functionally and architecturally. The steeper you climb the […]

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Sencha Touch 2 Slider Field Extended Component

This is an extended version of the standard Sencha Touch 2 slider field. Download: Click Here Project Repository: Click Here Features Dynamically changing input item beside the standard Sencha Touch 2 slider. Slider position changes based on the value of the input item and changes are reflected immidiately. Position of the input helper can be […]

ExtJS Javascript Sencha Touch

Adding Before & After Filters in Sencha Touch MVC Controllers

BeforeFilters in RoR are a great way to manage controller accesses or do execute any other specific controller action triggers. Here is a simple way of mimicking this great RoR feature on Sencha Touch MVC. Create a file named `app/controllers/Controllers.js` with the following content: Ext.Dispatcher.on(‘before-dispatch’, function(interaction) { if(Ext.isFunction(interaction.controller.beforeFilter)) { return; }; return true; }); […]