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Caching strategy – Using varnish to handle high traffic

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator and is used as a caching strategy to reduce load on web server… you can find great guides on how to set it up and get started.But the more elusive question is WHEN TO USE VARNISH? Trying to streamline the caching strategy, we often had to rethink when to use Varnish. […]

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[How To] Implement Passport.js Authentication with Sails.js

Here we intend to demonstrate the procedure of local authentication i.e. by using a username and password. Step 1: Dependencies passport passport-local bcrypt List these dependencies inside application_directory/package.json  under dependencies. //application_directory/package.json { … “dependencies”: { … “passport”: “~0.1.16”, “passport-local”: “~0.1.6”, “bcrypt”: “~0.7.6” } … } Step 2: Create user model To create user model run […]

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Yii LESS Extension

Yii Less Extension gives a simple way to include LESS files in your Yii view files.
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