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OpenNebula vs OpenStack vs CloudStack

With the increasing numbers of Cloud Service Providers it is very important to know how each Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) performs in an open cloud ecosystem. OpenNebula, OpenStack, CloudStack all are Cloud Management Platforms with different flavours.


Category OpenNebula OpenStack CloudStack
Cloud APIs and User Interface
OCCI (Open Cloud Computing Computing Interface) and EC2 API
NOVA API compatible with EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) and S3 AWS Amazon Web Services
Development Model Public development Public development Public development
 Production Readiness Enterprise-ready and direct support from developers  No, only available through any of the several vendor specific  stacks  Enterprise-ready and direct support from developers
Programming Language Java and Ruby Python Java
Networking Model  VLAN

 VLAN’s, security groups
 Architecture openneblua
open Stack

cloud stack

As per the users if we compare these then it is seen that Openstack has the largest active population then comes Cloudstack followed by OpenNebula. Peder Ulander, vice president of product marketing for cloud platforms at Citrix says Openstack is a technology in itself. JC Martin is a cloud architect at eBay runs 50% of the site’s business on Openstack. In this Stack Wars Openstack has definitely made its way through into the Ites kingdom.