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3 Ruby Application Servers to Run your Rails 3 Applications

Ruby on Rails a well-known open source web application framework runs via the Ruby programming language. Often referred to as Rails is a full stack framework.It is fast, easy, beautiful and also encodes best practice for agile development. So here are a list of Servers to Run Rail 3 application.

1. Heroku…Platform as a Service

  • A self contained resource which runs anything, see everything and manages the core principal.
  • Fully managed platform.
  • Instant deployment.
  • Effortless Scaling.

Architecture Heroku





2. Passenger: mod_rails ,mod_rack

A single free, open source module web server for ease deployment of RAILS. Supports Hybrid multi-process multi-threaded processes. Phusion Passenger enables, restart and to query its status through command line tools like passenger-status, passenger-config, passenger-memory-stats. It has two deployment models and keeps configuration to a minimum amount. By default Passenger is designed for multi-app deployment.

Architecture  Passenger

Passenger architecture





3. Unicorn

Unicorn is specially designed for fast clients and ease-debugging. It can manage and Spawn number of worker process and Simple and easy Ruby DSL for configuration. Supports Ruby on Rails via a Rack wrapper.

Architecture  Unicorn