DataBase Management System

Android Powered by Graph Database

A graph database is actually a group of nodes and edges. Every node represents associate entity (such as an individual or business) and every edge represents a association or relationship between 2 nodes. Every node in a graph  database  is outlined by a singular symbol, a collection of outgoing edges and/or incoming edges and a collection of properties expressed as key/value pairs.

Neo4j for Android

Neo4j Mobile for Android runs as a service, and is accessed via Android Inter-Process Communication using an AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language) connector. This makes it possible for multiple apps on an Android device to access the same database service. The picture below summarizes an example application  architecture, taken from the original project, showing Neo4j Mobile for Android interacting with other solution elements.

 Neo4j Mobile for Android

The Android version is focused around a more seasoned development form: 1.5 M05, which has been altered to run on Android. The essential thing to be mindful of is that this form doesn’t help Cipher. (It likewise does exclude various Server segments, that just aren’t vital or significant on Android.) Upgrading to a later form of Neo4j that has better backing for Cipher is obviously something that will need to accomplish.


A port of Titan for the Android stage is intended to be a light-weight execution of a diagram database on cell phones. The port uproots Hbase and Cassandra help as their use bode well on a cell phone (persuade me generally!). Devil is just backed by means of the Java interface as I have not possessed the capacity to port awesome effectively. By the by, Titan-Android helps neighborhood stockpiling backend by means of Berkeleydb and backings the Tinkerpop stack locally.


  • Flexible and direct adaptability for a developing information and client base.
  • Information conveyance and replication for execution and shortcoming tolerance.
  • Help for ACID and possible consistency.
  • Help for different stockpiling backend
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Hbase
  • Prophet Berkeleydb
  • Local reconciliation with the Tinkerpop diagram stack
  • Best diagram inquiry dialect
  • Edges article to-diagram mapper
  • Rexster REST chart server
  • Outlines standard diagram API