Web Architecture

REST Authentication Protocols

REST: This is nothing related to stress relaxation as REST is a Representational State Transfer software architecture for a scalable web services. It is based on principles, which are used in the largest distributed application – the World Wide Web. So every major development language now includes frameworks for building RESTful Web services. RESTful uses HTTP as its underlying protocol.


Uniform Interface: A fixed set of four operations PUT, GET, POST, and DELETE are used for resource manipulation. PUT is used to create new resource, DELETE is used to delete a resource, GET to retrieve a current state and POST to transfer a new state to a resource.

Stateless:  All the request messages are self contained so stateless. Many technicians are used to exchange state like URI rewriting, cookies, and hidden form fields.

Resource identification through URI: Resource are know through URI’s which provide a global addressing space for resource and service discovery.

Architecture Diagram