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How to Get Data from FCM while App is in Background in React Native?

The notifications module in React Native Firebase has support for both remote (FCM) and local notifications. Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is a great way to notify users about something you want them to know. But you can do more instead of showing only the message to the client. So, how do you get data from […]


Scaling web applications: Part 2- Caching Strategy

So now your site is handling a rush of traffic; I am assuming you have a VPS/dedicated server and you have added more RAM & CPU cores to your server and hit a peak point there.And of course you have setup a CDN much before you landed at this junction. Your web server (ideally nginx) […]

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Scaling web applications: Part 1- Why use a CDN

We have been struggling to scale our applications and felt the need to add a real world perspective to the whole process of scaling up web applications. This post forms part of a series, devised to explore and lay down the nuts and bolts of the using different ¬†tools and processes to handle scaling web […]