DataBase Management System

Android Powered by Graph Database

A graph database is actually a group of nodes and edges. Every node represents associate entity (such as an individual or business) and every edge represents a association or relationship between 2 nodes. Every node in a graph  database  is outlined by a singular symbol, a collection of outgoing edges and/or incoming edges and a collection […]



XML is commonly utilized for web application messaging – sending information back to a browser from a web server, or sending information between web accommodations. It’s dead facile to do this and it works very well, hence XML has become the de-facto cull for data exchange for web applications. Alternatives such as YAML and JSON have […]

Server Administration

3 Ruby Application Servers to Run your Rails 3 Applications

Ruby on Rails a well-known open source web application framework runs via the Ruby programming language. Often referred to as Rails is a full stack framework.It is fast, easy, beautiful and also encodes best practice for agile development. So here are a list of Servers to Run Rail 3 application. 1. Heroku…Platform as a Service […]


Spawn FCGI vs FCGI Wrap

Before  I make out the differences a summary on FCGI that is the Fast Common Gateway Interface. FCGI is a fast, open, and secure binary Web server interface protocol. It is actually a CGI only with some additional plugins. Speeds of the incoming requests to a web site or a specific application programme increases by […]

Cloud computing

OpenNebula vs OpenStack vs CloudStack

With the increasing numbers of Cloud Service Providers it is very important to know how each Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) performs in an open cloud ecosystem. OpenNebula, OpenStack, CloudStack all are Cloud Management Platforms with different flavours.   Category OpenNebula OpenStack CloudStack Cloud APIs and User Interface OCCI (Open Cloud Computing Computing Interface) and EC2 API […]

Drupal modules Drush PHP

Drush:Powered by Drupal

Before starting with DRUSH, lets have a flashback about DRUPAL. Drupal is an open source content management, web development platform. Having a high modularized architecture Drupal has already made its mark in the and With no licence, no purchase, no maintenance Drupal is all set free to download, modify and use. Its Scalable starting from […]

HTML Programming

MarkDown Syntax Cheat Sheet for HTML

MarkDown Syntax Cheat Sheet How easy it would be if you make out a doc file and converting the same with a tool to get the required website. This is where Markdown Syntax comes from.A tool that converts text file to HTML or(XHTML). In a search for easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format and converting it […]

PHP Engines

Next Generation PHP Engines: HHVM/PHP-5.5/PHPNG

HHVM: In looking for an infrastructure to comput more efficiently HHPM an efficient PHP Engine was developed by Facebook . Commonly know as HipHop for PHP. HHPM is an intermediate bytecode language which translate PHP to native code through JIT(Just In time Compiler).PHP is simple to learn, read, write, and debug.Through HHPM CPU usage can be […]

Drupal modules

A quick start to Drupal Testing for modules/themes

Drupal can be extended by composing your own module as per the needs.Before taking you through the practical guide I will be giving you a lime light of what a module is? What is a Drupal Module? A set of files with some special features and functionalities makes a module. The purpose behind this is […]

Web Architecture

Central Authentication System: CAS

History of CAS Yale University originally created an open standards to integrate with many applications and systems called as Central Authentication Service. It is an authentication system with single sign on service and is an open and well-documented protocol. The protocol includes a client web browser, a web application requesting authentication (of the CAS consumer) and a […]